Talbot Rising


These are some of the ways we will achieve our Mission:

We will engage in peaceful, active resistance to attacks on American democracy. We will resist subversion of the rule of law, violation of traditional rules of ethics and disclosure and freedoms guaranteed to all by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Education and Issue Advocacy
We will engage in education and issue advocacy to promote the public good and social welfare.

Grassroots Organizing
We will engage in grassroots organizing and use issue advocacy tools to resist policies and acts that frustrate our goals.


We will protect the Chesapeake Bay, its rivers, streams, wetlands, and farmlands. We recognize they are vital to our way of life and require diligent and ongoing environmental protection at federal, state, and local levels.

We recognize that sea-level rise and climate change are real and that the third most affected area in the United States is the Eastern Shore. Strategies for slowing, reversal, adaption and preparation for economic and other dislocations from the sea-level rise and climate change must be understood and put into place.

We want Eastern Shore communities to be economically sustainable, to invest in quality public education, job opportunities for our youth and job security and living wages for the middle and working class.

We want affordable education and training opportunities beyond high school to equip the next generation for success in evolving State and national economies affected by increased globalization.

We support local immigrant communities, due process for immigrants and refugees and a fair and humane immigration policy; we oppose deportation policies and actions that exacerbate fear, anxiety, disruption and marginalize immigrants as fellow human beings.

We believe all people must receive adequate and affordable health care coverage.

Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security must be maintained and strengthened to provide necessary care and financial security to the poor, disabled, the elderly and the sick.

Equality, tolerance, and respect for all individuals, without regard to race, religion, national origin and sexual preference or identity are essential to the social life and fabric of the Eastern Shore. We honor these values and seek to ensure that discrimination based on race, religion, national origin or sexual preference or identity has no place on the Eastern Shore.