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Weekly Newsletter - Dec. 18, 2017

This Week's Action Items

This is crunch time for the Republican tax plan that will raise taxes on millions of middle-class families while providing rich tax breaks for companies. A conference bill was released last week, reconciling the conflicting versions, and the House will vote on it later this week, so you still can make your voice heard.  This latest version still limits deductions for state and local income taxes, sales taxes and property taxes, mightily hurting states such as Maryland. And it will raise the deficit, which will be used as an excuse to cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security next year. Plus, it undermines the Affordable Care Act by eliminating the law that everyone should have health insurance.
You can call Rep. Andy Harris's offices to tell him to vote no.
His numbers:
DC office: 202-225-5311
Kent Island: 410-643-5425
Salisbury: 443-944-8624

Demand that members of Congress in the House and the Senate clean up the mess left by President Trump regarding children whose status in the U.S. has been endangered by the termination of DACA. There is bipartisan support for moving to repair this damage by passing a Clean Dream Act or by attaching it to the Dec. 22 government funding bill. Go to Indivisible.org for more information on how you can be effective in this fight.

You can make a difference in your community by getting involved in a local committee. We work on education, environment, social justice, electoral issues and many other topics. If you are interested, send an email to talbot.rising@gmail. com, or contact one of the committee leaders at the bottom of this newsletter.

Events Rising

Dec. 18-19 - STOP GOP TAX SCAM
Details: Two days of rallies to oppose
final passage of tax bill, at U.S. Capitol
With the prospective passage of the tax bill, several groups are planning protests at Congress, both on House and Senate sides.  
You can get more information at this link.

Details: 11:30 am to 1 pm, Chesapeake College Library, Wye Mills
Make an appointment with Mid-Shore Pro Bono to get free legal advice on general  civil matters.
Call 410-690-8128

Details: 6:30 pm, via Video Conference
Go to this link to RSVP.

- News and Updates -

It has been a great year to be a newly constituted progressive group.Talbot Rising ends 2017 with hundreds of members and dozens of actions. Here is a look at some of the highlights since inception. Send any other thoughts to talbot.rising@gmail.com

1.    Put out the call for a new organization to galvanize progressives in Talbot County.  
2.    Progressive Maryland training
3.    Established a structure and committees for the organization
4.    Opened a bank account, started incorporation process
5.    Worked with Progressive Maryland and Our Revolution-MD:
              a.    Meeting and working with organizers – two trips to Silver Spring, one in Easton
               b.    Conference calls
6.     Mobilized for Andy Harris Town Hall at Chesapeake College
               a.    Joint press release, press packets, directed interviews
               b.    Tent for voter registration
               c.    ACA graveyard
               d.    Petitions
7.      Series of general meetings and multiple Coordinating meetings
8.      Surveyed members on top issues/concerns
9.      Anti-hate rally after Charlottesville – media work, coalition work
10.      Organized bus to Climate March
11.      Postcard party by Environment Committee
12.      Postcard party by Education Committee
13.      Began and sustained newsletter/alert
14.      Produced seven MCTV issue programs for cable and YouTube
15.      Mobilized for Salisbury Town Hall and worked in coalition – press release
16.      Forum with immigration attorney – flyers in English and Spanish
17.      Worked with Multicultural Center to distribute information cards, raise money, and other projects; provided a meal for immigration attorneys
18.      Established Electoral Committee for voter registration and 2018 elections
19.      Attended several Talbot Alliance of Clergy & Laity meetings (interfaith group).
20.      Worked with coalition on Frederick Douglass Day Bicentennial Birthday    events
21.      Attended “Reflections on Pine” discussion on race and other events in Cambridge
22.      Established website and kept it maintained; set up Twitter feed
23.      Developed logo, brochure and stickers
24.      Tabled at Farmer’s Market, Juneteenth, Multicultural Festival, concerts
25.      Established and maintained email list and TR email address and Facebook.
26.      Reached out to the NAACP
27.      Met with Bay Hundred Citizens for Social Justice (“The Hedgehogs” from   Claiborne)
28.      Established Social, Economic and Racial Justice Committee.
29.      Invited Imam from Easton mosque to attend a meeting and share information about the Muslim community and their issues.
30.     Held forum with Indivisible speaker on national progressive situation. 

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