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Weekly Newsletter - Nov. 12, 2018

Special Post-Election Update

Dear Talbot Rising Friends,

Some of our members ran for office.

The rest of us manned tables to register voters. We vetted and endorsed candidates.  We sponsored a voter education forum. We phone banked. We canvassed. We put up signs.

We got out of our chairs and off our sofas and we tried to make a difference. We have also created a community of like-minded people on the Eastern Shore—no small feat.

And while many of our endorsed candidates weren’t elected, we congratulate them all—Mike Pullen, Ben Jealous, Jesse Colvin, Holly Wright, Dan O’Hare, Keasha Haythe, Naomi Hyman, Pete Lesher, Rose Potter and Maureen Scott-Taylor—for their courage and commitment to take on the enormous challenge of running for office. 

They ran vigorous, thoughtful campaigns.  They brought integrity, knowledge and passion to their candidacies. And they presented an alternative set of ideals and solutions woefully lacking in our area. They raised issues that needed to be raised and we were thrilled to stand behind them.

Each of them helped start a movement in our region that’s not going to end here. We put this county on notice that there are a fair number of us whose voices will be heard. 

We think all of us need a bit of a break. But then, let’s get together and map our way forward.  We’ll let you know when that might be.

If you have thoughts in the interim, drop us a line. We’ll keep you in the loop with periodic updates.  And Bob Tiernan will continue to put out a newsletter when events warrant.

Remember, folks, this is a fight for the long haul. In the meantime, we should be proud of our efforts. 


Denice and Ridgely
Talbot Rising co-chairs

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National Activist Call 11/13 Join the Indivisible team for a National Call on Tuesday to debrief the Election and talk about what's next. We’ll first hear from Political Director, Mari Urbina, who will share top take-aways from the Election. Then dive in to the plan for the first 100 days (and beyond) of the new Congress with our Policy Director, Angel Padilla, and our organizing team. Time:Nov 13, 2018 8 pm in Eastern Time (US and Canada) Webinar ID 616-115-836 To Join the Webinar Join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device: Please click this URL to join. https://indivisible.zoom.us/w/616115836?tk=rs4rKOGYK_rWVv80M4Xnxate5W4zxzBe2ifUM964c4w.DQEAAAAAJLkufBZCRVF1NnFQbFRNcWZad0k5eHBnaHB3AA You can cancel your registration at any time.   

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