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Weekly Newsletter - Feb. 12, 2018

The Rev. Clarence A. Wayman was guest speaker at the Frederick Douglass Prayer Breakfast in Easton last Saturday, attended by almost 200 people from the TalbotCounty community. Talbot Rising is among more than 40 local groups helping plan local events in honor of Douglass' 200th birthday.

The Rev. Clarence A. Wayman was guest speaker at the Frederick Douglass Prayer Breakfast in Easton last Saturday, attended by almost 200 people from the TalbotCounty community. Talbot Rising is among more than 40 local groups helping plan local events in honor of Douglass' 200th birthday.

This Week's Action Items

Rep. Andy Harris is holding nine tele-town halls, and you can hold him accountable for everything from the bogus tax reform bill to his support for cutting health care. The next one is Tuesday, Feb. 13 at 5:30 pm. After that, Feb. 26 at 5:30 pm.  Although not as good as in-person town halls, you can participate by signing up at https://vekeo.com/andyharrismd/

Action is heating up in the General Assembly with many important progressive items coming up before committees. You can help make Maryland a bulwark against the Trump agenda by showing up. Among the events: Our Revolution Lobbying Day in Annapolis on Feb. 19. See News Section below for more details and carpools information.

We are already closing in on election season, and you can help. Our Electoral Committee is looking for volunteers to register voters and make a difference in the fall. Look below for more on the activities and where you can get trained to register voters -- anywhere in Maryland.

Monitoring Rep. Andy Harris, #5:
The Slick Politics of Offshore Oil Drilling

After previously supporting President Trump's call for offshore oil rigs, Rep. Andy Harris now says he supports it for everywhere off the East Coast -- just not off Maryland's shore, according to the Baltimore Sun.
The congressman may not realize this, but offshore oil rigs often  create little tar balls -- or sometimes large oil spills -- that can travel hundreds of miles. So if New Jersey or Delaware of Virginia are forced to accept offshore rigs, Maryland's Eastern Shore could bear the consequences, depending on which way the wind blows. The State of Florida recently was excluded from the offshore oil plan -- at the urging of its Republican governor -- because of the danger to the shoreline. The same could be said of the entire East Coast especially at a time when renewable energy sources are showing great promise.
This is a new weekly feature spotlighting Andy Harris' record. Send suggestions to talbot.rising@gmail.com.

Events Rising

Feb. 14 - Douglass' 200th Birthday Celebrations
   -- Noon, Talbot County Courthouse
Wreath laying at the Douglass Statue with Douglass Family members. Guest speaker is  Lyndra Marshall, former Chair of the Maryland State Commission on African American History & Culture.  Sponsored by Frederick Douglass Honor Society.
    -- 3 pm, Ribbon cutting celebration to consecrate the Frederick Douglass Park on the Tuckahoe, with guest speakers, proclamations, music and more.

Feb. 15 - Lunch and Learn about Douglass Bicentennial
   -- Noon, - Talbot County Free Library, Easton
Coffee and dessert will be provided. Sponsored by Talbot County Free Library
   -- 6 pm, Talbot County Free Library, Easton
Learn about Frederick Douglass and the women in his life. Sponsored by Talbot County Free Library.

Feb. 17 - Family Art Day
Details: 10 am - 1 pm, Academy Art Museum, Easton
Come celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Eastern Shore’s civil rights icon by creating a fine art print that features one of his famous quotes, such as “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men” or “If there is no struggle, there is no progress."
Free, but registration suggested)  

Feb. 17 - "Digging into the Past: Happy Birthday, Frederick Douglass!"
Details: 10 am - noon: 4- to 6-year-old children; 1 - 3 pm: 7- to 9-year-old children, 
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum-STEAM Team class
$12 for CBMM members and $15 for non-members. A special four-session pass is available at $40 for CBMM members and $50 for non-members. Need-based scholarships for individual classes are available. Program registration can be made online at bit.ly/STEAMTeam_2018.
Feb. 17 -- "Putting Them on the Map: Tracing African American Book History through GIS Technology”
Details: 2 pm, Talbot County Free Library, St. Michaels, Dr. Alisha Knight, Associate Professor of English and American Studies at Washington College, will speak about her work exploring the connection between African American book publishing and geographic technologies. Sponsored by Talbot County Free Library

Feb. 17 - An Evening With Frederick Douglass
Details: 7-9 pm, Avalon Theatre, Easton
Fred Morsell, renowned Frederick Douglass re-enactor at the Avalon Theatre. Free to the Public. Sponsored by Frederick Douglass Honor Society

Feb. 19 - Our Revolution Lobbying Day
Details: 5 pm, Delegates Office Building, Prince George's Room, 6 Bladen St., Annapolis
Join Our Revolution Maryland activists from across the state to meet with your state legislators and push them to support the progressive legislative agenda.

Feb. 26 - Sierra Club Lobby Night
Details: 4:30 to 8 pm. Meet in Senate Building 11 Bladen St, Annapolis 
Sign up/ learn more/ carpool at sierraclub.org/maryland 
Bills under consideration:
1. FCA Protect Maryland’s forests/ strengthen the Forest Conservation Act.
2. Ban single-use foam food packages / reduce harmful waste.
3. DC METRO:Secure dedicated funding / cuts emissions congestion, increase employment
4. Public notification and impact studies for proposed energy (e.g. gas) infrastructure
5. 100% clean energy in Maryland by 2035
Let's get some carpools going from the eastern shore either on our own or through the groups sponsoring these events.  Contact Grace Soltis, grace4tr@outlook.com

Feb. 26 - Film Festival: All About Social Change  
Details: 12 - 7 pm, Talbot County Free Library, Easton
The library  presents a day of films about people who shaped and inspired social change. The day will conclude at 6:00 PM with a screening of Alice's Ordinary People, a documentary about Alice Tregay, an unsung heroine of the Civil Rights Movement. Her remarkable story spans the historic period from the marches of Dr. King to the election of Barack Obama. She was best known for fighting segregation in Chicago schools, directing voter registration campaigns and improving job opportunities for African Americans. Sponsored by Talbot County Free Library.

- News and Updates -

The Electoral Committee prepared and distributed candidate questionnaires for gubernatorial and congressional endorsement evaluation.  We hope to get responses back later in the month.

The Committee met on Feb. 8 to discuss how to add events to the Committee Voter Registration Calendar, as well as how to sign up for attending events as a voter registration volunteer.  In addition to specific events like the Easton St. Patrick's Day parade, we will be setting up weekly tables at Chesapeake College and are also arranging events at Easton and other high schools. So far, we have trained more than 30 voter registration volunteers.

We also began identifying District and Precinct Coordinators to help make sure each part of the County has good voter registration coverage for both identifying viable events and also making sure there are voter registration volunteers there.

If you are interested in getting voter registration training or finding out more about the Electoral Committee, please email David King at:

We have several upcoming opportunities to piggyback on organized lobby days.  Please consider attending one or more of these to represent the Eastern Shore progressive voice!  If you would like to carpool as a driver or passenger, send an email to Talbot.rising@gmail.com.   These sessions will include meeting with legislators, speaking at committee hearings from which recommendations are made to legislators, and rallying support for issues.  Folks from the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus will also be participating.  Lobbying your state representatives is one of the most powerful ways to make your voice heard and ensure the right legislative agenda is pursued.

1. Our Revolution – Maryland Lobby Day – Monday 2/19/18 at 5 pm in Annapolis. 
 Please RSVP at https://actionnetwork.org/events/progressive-lobby-day-in-annapolis?link_id=2&can_id=dcb128abcc82c22a12e0158913a45aeb&source=email-announcing-progressive-lobby-day-2018&email_referrer=&email_subject=announcing-progressive-lobby-day-2018
so that OR-MD staff can match you with your local officials.  Specific issues OR-MD is focusing on are also at this link.  Please RSVP to Talbot Rising as well by emailing Talbot.rising@gmail.com

2. Progressive Maryland Lobby Night – 2/26/18 from 5:30 to 8:00 pm in Annapolis. 
Please RSVP and find issues focused on at http://www.progressivemaryland.org/progressivemdlobbynight.

3. Maryland Fight for $15 Committee Hearings
 Raising the minimum wage in Maryland to $15/hr by 2023 is one of the most important issues on the legislative agenda.  If passed, it will provide 573,000 Maryland workers with a raise.  You can make a brief statement of support at these hearings by merely attending and signing up there.   Eastern Shore residents, and particularly those making under $15/hr now, need to be heard so please attend if you can!   Please email Talbot.rising@gmail.com so we can coordinate your attendance with the Maryland-wide coalition.
A. House Economic Matters Committee hearing is on Tuesday, Feb. 27 at 1 pm  in Room 231 of the House Office Building in Annapolis.  (HB0664)
B. Senate Finance Committee is on Thursday, March 8 at 1 pm in 3 East Miller Senate Office Building in Annapolis.
For further information, call or email Denice Lombard at (410) 886-9889denicelombard@comcast.net.

Talbot Rising has produced a series of video programs taped at the Avalon Theater with MCTV. You can watch these informative exchanges on YouTube. Here's your quick program guide and easy links:
Affordable Care Act
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