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Weekly Newsletter - Feb. 19, 2018

This Week's Action Items

Important work is being done on legislation in the state capital on issues from the environment to health care and workers' rights. Check out the events list below to  get information on how you can pitch in and make a difference.

While Congress is in recess this week, many members are holding live Town Hall events. But not Rep. Andy Harris. Instead he is having a series of conference call Town Halls, where residents have to be called back by his tele-town hall provider. But you should sign up anyway at https://vekeo.com/andyharrismd/ and then when you get on, ask why he can't hold live sessions to actually have an exchange with constituents.

The mid-term elections are just nine months away and the political action has already started. This is a great time to get a friend involved in our progressive issues. We have groups working on health care, the opioid crisis and voter registration, among others.  

Monitoring Rep. Andy Harris, # 6:
Co-sponsoring Looser Gun Control

More than a year ago, Rep. Andy Harris co-sponsored HR 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017. This bill, which has passed the House, says that states with tougher gun laws like Maryland must allow people from other states to carry concealed weapons, even if the state they are from had looser laws
and even no background checks at all.
That is the case in 12 states.
With the rise in gun violence, this is a bad move, which even law enforcement opposes. It essentially makes the weakest state laws the law of the land.
Of course, the National Rifle Association approves, having made at least $11,000 in campaign contributions to Harris during the past eight years.
This is a new weekly feature spotlighting Andy Harris' record. Send suggestions to talbot.rising@gmail.com.

Events Rising

Feb. 20 - Support the Forest Conservation Act
Details: 8:15 am - 1 pm, Room 142, Delegates Office Building, Annapolis
Forests are vital to our environment and economy, but our best forests are disappearing in Maryland. The Forest Conservation Act bill has 39 co-sponsors, and hearings will be held soon in both the Senate and House. So legislative interest in the bill is high. Come lobby your lawmakers on this issue. Go to this link for more information and to RSVP.

Feb. 24 - Celebrating Black History Month
Details:  4 pm, 29383 E. Kennedy St., Easton, Rhema Apostolic Deliverance Ministries.
Help Honor African Amerian History, Heritage and Minority Business with food, music and live entertainment.

Feb. 26 - Progressive Maryland Lobby Night
Details: 5:30 - 8 pm, Lawyers Mall,
100 State Circle, Annapolis
Come join Progressive Maryland and our organizational allies this coming Monday for a rally and to lobby our elected officials on some of our legislative priorities for the 2018 Maryland General Assembly Legislative Session, including:
1. Fight for $15: Fighting to raise the state minimum wage to $15/hour for all workers.
2. Bail Reform: Fighting to prevent the bail industry from trying to force more defendants to come up with money for cash bail.
3. Workplace protections for women, mothers, and fathers.
4. Closing tax loopholes for corporations and the wealthiest Marylanders.
5. Fairness in scheduling practices in the workplace
6. Protecting the ACA and pushing for single-payer
Contact Beth Landry, beth@progressivemaryland.orgfor more information.

Feb. 26 - Film Festival: All About Social Change  
Details: 12 - 7 pm, Talbot County Free Library, Easton
The library  presents a day of films about people who shaped and inspired social change. The day will conclude at 6:00 PM with a screening of Alice's Ordinary People, a documentary about Alice Tregay, an unsung heroine of the Civil Rights Movement. Her remarkable story spans the historic period from the marches of Dr. King to the election of Barack Obama. She was best known for fighting segregation in Chicago schools, directing voter registration campaigns and improving job opportunities for African Americans. Sponsored by Talbot County Free Library.

Feb. 28 - Fight for $15
Details: 6:15 - 7:45 pm, Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, 114 S. Washington St., Suite 101, Easton.
Come for an evening of speeches, action and celebration as we update everyone on the effort to provide a living wage for our citizens.

Descendants of Frederick Douglass' family put a wreath at his statue in Easton last week as part of his 200th birthday celebration.

- News and Updates -

A full slate of events this past week helped commemorate the 200th birthday of Frederick Douglass, who was born near the Tuckahoe River in 1818 and escaped from slavery 20 years later to become a leading voice for abolition. The celebrations included a wreath laying ceremony on Feb. 14 at the Douglass statue at Talbot County Courthouse. Lt. Gov. Rutherford and other dignitaries spoke at the ceremony. Later in the afternoon, a park was dedicated to Douglass on the banks of the Tuckahoe River, not far from his birthplace. The keynote speaker was Kenneth B. Morris, Douglass' great-great-great grandson, who gave an inspiring speech on Douglass' vision and the need to "agitate, agitate, agitate."

Talbot Rising is part of an organization of more than 40 groups planning local events all year long. To see what's coming up in future months, visit www.fd200.org.


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