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Weekly Newsletter - April 16, 2018

This Week's Action Items

As we approach the beginning of Election Season, come to our General Meeting on Saturday at Evergreen point Easton. Meet candidates for the Talbot County Council. You can also learn how to get involved in local progressive candidates' campaigns. More details in the events section.

Meet local candidates for the General Assembly in Easton this week. A coalition of Eastern Shore NAACP Chapters is sponsoring a forum for the candidates on Wednesday, 6 pm at the Senior Center in Easton. More details in the flyer below.

Talbot Rising has an effort to set up information tables at many public events in the area. This is a great way to spread the message and to meet your neighbors. If this sounds like a fun way to contribute to the work of Talbot Rising, please email denicelombard@comcast.net

Monitoring Rep. Andy Harris, #14: Balanced Budget Bluster

After voting to add about $1 trillion to the federal deficit via last December's tax giveaway to big donors and corporations, Rep. Andy Harris touted his vote last week to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution.

The House of Representatives failed to advance the measure April 12 despite the support of Harris, since it required a 2/3 vote, and the Republican majority only came up with a vote of 233-184 in favor.

But Harris nonetheless sent out a press release extolling the plan: 
“The Balanced Budget Amendment would have been a common-sense addition to our Constitution. Considering the fact that the government has saddled future generations with a $20 trillion national debt, balancing our budget is a critical principle to get our nation’s finances in order. Now we should consider President Trump’s idea to cut some of the overspending in the latest Omnibus bill through rescissions."

When Harris was asked about the contradiction of his support of the tax giveaway versus his position as a deficit hawk at a Salisbury area Town Hall last year, he said the tax bill would pay for itself by growing the economy.

But he failed to heed the Congressional Budget Office's own analysis of the bill. The analysis says: "By CBO’s estimate, additional debt service would boost the 10-year increase in deficits to $1.8 trillion."

And the December tax bill has proved to be a disappointment so far even though it slashed corporate taxes and the inheritance tax for millionaires. The economy has actually slowed its rate of growth since last year.

It's clear that Harris could have more effect on deficits by sticking to his principles on the Tax bill vote in the first place.  

Events Rising

April 17 - Tax March
Details: Noon, U.S. Capitol East Lawn, Washington, DC
Join activists on Tax Day to continue the fight for an economy that works for all Americans, not just the wealthy few. On the anniversary of last year’s historic march, we will come together once again to express our outrage at Trump and Republicans. We demand that Congress #RepealTheTrumpTax and Trump finally fulfill his promise of releasing his tax returns.

April 17  - Douglass Living History Presentation
Details: 2 pm, Worcester County Public Library, Ocean City Branch
How does a runaway slave from Maryland's Eastern Shore end up becoming one of the most influential men in American history? Frederick Douglass comes alive in this presentation by actor, Bill Grimmette to answer this and many more questions about Frederick Douglass.

Details: 10 am to 12 pm, Evergreen Easton Point, 770 Port St., Easton

Spring Into Action and meet the candidates for TalbotCounty Council.
Plus, learn how to get involved in progressive candidates’ primary campaigns, both our endorsed candidates – Ben Jealous for Governor and Mike Pullen for Congress. We will also discuss continuing voter registration efforts and preparing to get out the vote during early voting from Thursday, June 14 through Thursday, June 21.

April 22 - Our Revolution Maryland Summit
Details: 9:30 am - 4 pm, Silver Spring Civic Building, Veterans Plaza Silver Spring MD.

Activists will be discussing the future of the movement, and developing a plan for each of our chapters to mobilize for the 2018 Democratic Primaries.

Guests: Ben Jealous plus other endorsed candidates. Workshops on reform strategies and victories in the June primaries.
Register/get tickets here   Please contact Bob Muehlenkamp, Chair of Our Revolution Maryland, at monk1944b@gmail.com with any questions.

April 29 - Choir Concert
Details - 4 pm, Oxford Community Center
Concert with music performed by various local church choirs.

- News and Updates -

We need help staffing tables at various community events.
 The “job description” entails: (1) Identifying events and fairs appropriate for Talbot Rising to have a table to do outreach to the community and recruit members; and/or to do voter registration (such as the
BAAM Festival, Multicultural Festival, Jubilee, Frederick Douglass Day, Easton Farmer’s Market); (2)  contacting appropriate parties to make arrangements; (3) use a user-friendly sign-up app to email TR members to sign up for shifts at various events; (4) maintaining a table, chairs and materials in a consistent place people can pick up from and return to.  (Some venues provide the table.)
If this sounds like a fun way to contribute to the work of TalbotRising, please email denicelombard@comcast.net.  Thanks!

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