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Weekly Newsletter - March 19, 2018

This Week's Action Items

Come to the Talbot Rising Forum on Monday evening to hear from experts about the way forward for families on treating people addicted to opioids. The session takes place at the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy in Easton. More details below in the Events section.

Ask your state representatives to vote NO on SB1188 and NO on HB1767.  Tell them these bills work to take away local government rights over infrastructure and help wireless companies lease utility poles and lamp posts for high frequency cell antennas at capped rates. You can sign this petition here.

Join activists in Washington and on the Eastern Shore who are demanding action to protect students and schools from mass shootings. Rallies are planned for Saturday, March 24. See the Events section for local buses and more details.

Monitoring Rep. Andy Harris, #10: Maryland Too Tough on Guns?

Rep. Andy Harris held a town hall in Berlin, MD, last week that focused on gun control and immigration. And rather than support sensible gun control efforts, it seems he wants to go in the opposite direction. Harris said it was too hard to get a concealed carry permit in Maryland. That was by way of explaining why he supported a bill in Congress that would allow permit holders in other states to bring their concealed weapons across state lines, effectively substituting other states' gun laws in place of Maryland's.
According to the Salisbury Times web site:
"First off, it is very difficult to get a concealed carry permit in Maryland, I think much more difficult than it ought to be," he said. "In many states, for instance, there is the 'shall issue' state. If you are a law-abiding citizen, you shall get a permit for self-defense. In this state, that's not true."

You can ask him to explain in his Tele-Town Hall Monday. See details below.

This is a new weekly feature spotlighting Andy Harris' record. Send suggestions to talbot.rising@gmail.com.

Events Rising

Details: 7 - 8:30 pm, Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, 114 S. Washington St., Easton
What's working and what's not as Talbot County families struggle with this epidemic. Dr. Fredia Wadley, health officer of Talbot County, and Dr. Benjamin Kohl, Mid-Shore Programs Director of Eastern Shore Psychological Services, will discuss: The Way Forward for Talbot Families.

March 19 - Harris Tele-Town Hall
Details: 5:30-6:30 pm, conference call
Rep. Harris will hold another in a series of tele-town halls. You can ask him to explain his support for assault weapons. Go to https://harris.house.gov/live

March 22 - Free Elder Law Legal Clinic
Details: 10 am, Talbot County Senior Center, Easton
Meet with a volunteer to review your situation. Call 410-690-8128 to make an appointment. Also, free civil legal clinic on March 30.

March 24 - March for Our Lives
Details: Noon, Pennsylvania Avenue NW, between 3rd NW and 12th NW, Washington, DC

Join a rally to demand an end to gun violence and mass shootings in schools.

There are also local marches in communities, including Annapolis at 11 am at 100 State Circle, followed by a march to the City Dock and in Chestertown, noon, at the County Office Building, 400 High St., with a march to Wilmer Park for rally.
There are still seats on a bus from Salisbury that are $50 for adults to subsidize $10 seats for students.  Pickup at 8:45 at Kohl's in Easton. Call Carolyn Doyle 410-546-1017

- News and Updates -

Several bills taking away local rights on the siting of cell phone towers are coming before the Assembly. Claire Miller of Take Action Anne Arundel County, and the activist core in Sunnyside, MD, told Progressive Maryland's web site:

Right now, there are two bills before the Maryland General Assembly. These bills will allow mini cell towers in front of our homes, remove public notice and public hearings, preempt our local zoning ordinaces AND cap the rates that governments can charge. 

HB 1767, sponsored by Chair Dereck Davis, filed House Economic Matters Committee. 
SB 1188, sponsored by Chair Thomas Middleton, filed Senate Finance Committee. 
*These bills are based on “model legislation” that AT&T and Verizon created with a group called ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, a stealthy right-wing think tank funded by the Koch Bros.  They favor freedom – for big business, not for you.

The Maryland Municipal League (founded in 1936 and representing 157 municipal governments) and the Maryland Association of Counties (whose membership consists of county elected officials from Maryland’s 23 counties and Baltimore City) each oppose these bills.  The Senate Finance Committee and the House Rules & Executive Nominations Committee will consider these bills.  A hearing on SB 1188 will be held on March 20.


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