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Weekly Newsletter - March 26, 2018

This Week's Action Items

Progressive Maryland is partnering with the Job Opportunities Task Force to go to Annapolis on Tuesday to push for several bills. In the General Assembly, JOTF is urging support for policies that eliminate educational and employment barriers. They will rally in front of the State Capitol and attend committee hearings. Go to Progressive Maryland for more information. 

Ten years after the financial crisis slammed us all, Congress is moving to make life easier for the banks that started the mess, easing regulations.  And the House is readying 40 pieces of legislation to add to the givebacks. Call your lawmakers in Congress to oppose this reckless move: Rep. Andy Harris: 202-225-5311; Sen. Cardin: 202-224-4524; Sen. Van Hollen: 202-224-4654. 

You saw how close the vote was in Pennsylvania's special election recently. Every vote counts. This is your chance to help register more people for the midterms. Join the TalbotRising electoral committee by sending an email to talbot.rising@gmail.com.

Monitoring Rep. Andy Harris, #11: Budgetary Blustering

Rep. Andy Harris proudly announced last week that he voted against the recent omnibus budget bill that funds the government for 18 months and averted a weekend shutdown.

His justification: “The Omnibus bill was 2,232 pages long, and we had fewer than 14 hours to read it before voting on it. This $1.3 trillion spending bill will balloon our deficit and will continue to fund unlawful sanctuary cities. This bill also fails to provide adequate funding for border security and fails to address the need for temporary workers in industries critical to the economy of Maryland’s First District, so I voted against this bill.”

Harris' position contradicts his fervent support for the tax cut giveaway that he voted for last December. That bill  by itself ballooned the deficit by more than a trillion dollars, according to congressional researchers.
Here's what the Congressional Budget Office said about the tax bill:
"By CBO’s estimate, additional debt service would boost the 10-year increase in deficits to $1.8 trillion. As a result of those higher deficits, debt held by the public would increase from the 91.2 percent of gross domestic product in CBO’s June 2017 baseline to 97.5 percent."

And it was so hastily put together, that whole sections of the bill were rewritten in the margins. Now, it is so full of errors that Congress has to pass more legislation to fix it. Harris was following the Freedom Caucus decision to oppose the budget bill, which also restored funding for the Chesapeake Bay cleanup, which had been cut by the House in an earlier vote.

Events Rising

March 28 - Harris Town Hall in Carroll
Details: 7 pm, Hampstead Volunteer Fire Company,
1341 N. Main Street, Hampstead, MD
Rep. Andy Harris will hold an in-person Town Hall in Carroll County to address recent issues such as the budget, guns and immigration. 

March 28 - Parallel Lives: Lincoln and Douglass
Details:   1:30 - 3 pm, Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum
Five sessions on the interaction of the two historical figures.
Dates: Five sessions on Wednesdays, March 28, April 4, 11, 18,1:30-3:00pm
John F. Ford and John H. Miller will facilitate the reading and discussion of selected writings and speeches of two of our nation’s greatest spokesmen. These two men did not always see eye-to-eye, however, and their relationship to each other developed and changed over the years as part of the country’s debate over slavery, abolition and emancipation. Members $30,  Non-Members $45

April 13 - Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
Details - 2 pm, Worcester County Public Library, Ocean Pines Branch,
Come for a lively book discussion facilitated by Kelley Rouse and Nancy Mitchell of Salisbury University:  Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave.

April 17  - Douglass Living History Presentation
Details: 2 pm, Worcester County Public Library, Ocean City Branch
How does a runaway slave from Maryland's Eastern Shore end up becoming one of the most influential men in American history? Frederick Douglass comes alive in this presentation by actor, Bill Grimmette to answer this and many more questions about Frederick Douglass.

April 29 - Choir Concert
Details - 4 pm, Oxford Community Center
Concert with Music performed by various local church choirs.

- News and Updates -

Thanks to all who participated in the electoral recommendation process. We sent out questionnaires to all candidates (more than a dozen) who were running for governor and Congress, regardless of party. And then we shared with everyone on our email list the questionnaires from candidates who responded, along with a link to our online survey that everyone was invited to take. The endorsements reflect those preferences. Here is the one for Congress. The endorsement for governor will be publicized soon.
EASTON, MD – Talbot Rising, a progressive, nonpartisan grassroots organization for the Eastern Shore, has announced that it is endorsing Democratic candidate Michael Pullen for the First Congressional District in Maryland to replace the incumbent, Rep. Andy Harris.
The organization, which has more than 500 members, said that Pullen will provide the kind of representation in Congress for the First District and Eastern Shore that has been missing in action for too long. We can count on the fact that he will champion the interests of the people in this district -- not special interests, donors, or large corporations.
We know that he will help reform a political system that has been skewed in favor of those already at the top, with tax cuts favoring the wealthy, a rollback of regulations that protect consumers and the environment, and laws that make it harder to get reliable health care. 
Talbot Rising supports the positions advanced by Pullen, including moving toward a single-payer health system, improving educational opportunities for young people, and making sure that the minimum wage is raised so that people can actually afford to live on the Eastern Shore.  Pullen also embraces Talbot Rising’s commitment to help the environment and to promote renewable energy and support for companies and good jobs for residents in that industry.
Michael Pullen would also work with the congressional delegation from Maryland to ensure that budget priorities, including Chesapeake Bay restoration, receive the necessary funding. And he will work in Washington on the issues of climate change, which has made rising sea levels an especially important concern in the First District.
For many years, Pullen has been dedicated to public service, as a lawyer, public defender, and most recently as county attorney for Talbot County.  Out of his concern about the political direction of our country, Pullen and his wife Connie founded Talbot Rising.   In 2016 Pullen was a delegate for Sen. Bernie Sanders at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Talbot Rising has produced a series of video programs taped at the Avalon Theater with MCTV. You can watch these informative exchanges on YouTube. Here's your quick program guide and easy links:
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