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Weekly Newsletter - March 5, 2018

This Week's Action Items

Talbot Rising is sharing the results of questionnaires returned by candidates in elections this year. And you have a chance to vote your preference. See the news item below for links to the candidate responses and the Talbot Rising survey. This is the chance to make your voice heard this election season.

This is crunch time for environmental bills coming before the General Assembly. 
On Monday, March 5, and Tuesday, March 6, call Del. Mautz (410-841-3429) and Sen. Eckardt (410-841-3590) and urge that they support these bills, which are going through hearings this week.
--100% Bill: Clean Renewable Energy & Equity Act  HB 878, Off Fossil Fuels Bill.
-- 50% Bill: HB 1453, Clean Energy Jobs Act  / SB 732 "Renewable Energy & Job Development".
--CARBON PRICE:  HB 939 for a Regional Carbon Cost Collection Initiative.

As the election season begins to accelerate, you can get involved in an issue of your choice by helping out in one of Talbot Rising's committee, from the electoral process to the environment or health care. Our list of groups and contacts is at the bottom of the email.

Monitoring Rep. Andy Harris, #8: Supporting a Putin Pal in Hungary

Rep. Andy Harris made news recently by opposing U.S. efforts to support press freedom in Hungary. From the Baltimore Sun:
Harris "decried the fact that the State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor had offered $700,000 in grants to fund independent news organizations outside of Budapest, Hungary’s capital.
The grants are aimed at helping media outlets
“produce fact-based reporting and ... increase citizens’ access to objective information about domestic and global issues of public importance. ”Once granted, the U.S. funds will not be available until after the Hungarian elections in April."

Events Rising

March 5 - Harris Tele-Town Hall
Details: 5:30 - 6:30 pm, conference call
Rep. Andy Harris is holding another in a series of call-in meetings. While not as good as quizzing him in person, this gives you a chance to ask questions directly. Go to https://vekeo.com/andyharrismd/ to register for the call.

March 9 - Voter Registration Drive
Details: 11:30 am, Idlewild Park, Easton
Support student vigil in memory of Parkland shooting victims and help students register to vote so they can make change happen. Assemble at 11:30 am at the southeast corner of Idlewild Park. This is the narrow end of the park, near the gazebo - the Dutchmans Lane end of the park. Contact David King to let him know if you are attending.

March 10 - Senate 37th District Campaign Kickoff
Details: 2-4 pm, 26 West Dover St., Easton
Join Holly Wright as she kicks off her campaign for the state Senate seat in Maryland's District 37. Refreshments and food, including the famous Capitol Hill Bean soup, which has been on the menu since at least 1903.

March 12 - "Miles of Smiles" Film Screening
Details: 6:30 pm, Talbot County Library, Easton
Screening of "Miles of Smiles: the Years of Struggle." The film is a 58-minute, Emmy Award-winning documentary history of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, the African-American union that, under the leadership of A. Philip Randolph, played a central role in the nation’s civil rights movement. Dr. Melissa McLoud, who performed much of the archival research for the film, will be on hand to talk about its production and answer questions. Click here to register for the event.

March 16 - Free Legal Clinic
Details: 1 pm, Talbot County Courthouse, Easton
Mid-Shore Pro Bono is offering fewer legal advice on a broad range of civil legal issues. Meet with a volunteer to review your situation. Call 410-690-8128 to make an appointment on March 16 or 30. There will also be an elder law clinic on March 22 from 10 am to 1 pm at the Talbot County Senior Center.

Details: 7 - 8:30 pm, Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, 114 S. Washington St., Easton
What's working and what's not as Talbot County families struggle with this epidemic. Dr. Fredia Wadley, health officer of Talbot County; Dr. Benjamin Kohl, Mid-Shore Programs Director of Eastern Shore Psychological Services, and Connie Pullen, licensed social worker will discuss: The Way Forward for Talbot Families

- News and Updates -

 As part of the endorsement process, Talbot Rising sent out questionnaires to seven candidates for the First Congressional District of Maryland and 11 candidates for governor.

The questionnaires went to candidates from all parties in both races to learn about their backgrounds and their positions on issues.

Four campaigns in the governor's race returned questionnaires by the deadline, and one returned it for the congressional race.

To participate in our endorsement process, here's how to proceed:
• Read the questionnaires filled out by the candidates. We've provided links to their Google Docs.  
• Click on the endorsement survey link to express your candidate preferences using SurveyMonkey.
• Answer the issue questions in the survey for each race.
• Complete by March 8

Benjamin Jealous

Richard Madaleno Jr.

Alec Ross

Jim Shea

Michael Pullen

Please click this link to take the endorsement survey.


Talbot Rising has produced a series of video programs taped at the Avalon Theater with MCTV. You can watch these informative exchanges on YouTube. Here's your quick program guide and easy links:
Affordable Care Act
Nuclear Weapons
Immigration Assistance
Unionville Anniversary
Local Schools
Single-Payer Healthcare
The Opioid Crisis

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• Updated website: www.talbotrising.org
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