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Weekly Newsletter - July 23, 2018

Important Election Update

To Our Members:
With the primary races in the rearview mirror, Talbot Rising is getting ready for the very important midterm voting that can help restore balance to our democracy. Members of the coordinating committee and electoral committee met last week to plan out strategies for the next important weeks until the election Nov. 6.

Some highlights:
1. Our successful voter registration efforts will continue, building on the positive responses we saw at registration events at places such as Chesapeake College. If you want to get involved in registration efforts, please email David King at dking.dc@gmail.com.

2. We will marshal political support for races where we have already endorsed candidates, such as Ben Jealous for governor, and in the congressional race, where we will transfer our support to Jesse Colvin, who won the Democratic primary in June, as we work to defeat Rep. Andy Harris. We will be meeting soon with members of his campaign. 
3. Working on the grassroots level, it is important that we promote progressive local and state issues, so we will be drawing up an endorsement questionnaire for candidates running for local and state posts. Over the next few weeks, candidates' responses will be posted on our online sites and this newsletter. Members then can vote on their candidate choices. 
Stay tuned and check your emails in the weeks ahead for more updates on our efforts in these crucial midterm elections.

Monitoring Rep. Andy Harris, #21: Russia Summit "Success?"

Rep. Andy Harris, along with several House Freedom Caucus members, last week held a press event to support President Trump's appalling performance at the Helsinki summit with Russia's President Putin.
Consider this: Trump dismissed refused his own intelligence agencies' conclusion on election meddling; he naively applauded an offer by Putin to exchange interrogations with our own diplomatic officials; we are only learning sketchy details of what went on in their private meeting from Russian media. Harris criticized the media for focusing on the press conference. But that's all the public -- and Trump's own aides -- had to work with.
"The summit in fact had two world superpowers sit down and discuss in a civilized way for two hours privately, then two hours with staff, the wide gamut of issues that are important to the world. I call that a success. A successful summit."

And also from Harris:
"And I disregard and discount anything that involves the mainstream media press."

For someone who claims to protect key Constitutional rights, seems like he needs a reminder that the First Amendment (Freedom of the Press) is part of the Constitution, too. After all, who did he expect to come to the "press event."

And we should all remind Harris that Russia has been a bad actor on the world stage, from invading Crimea to attacking eastern Ukraine to threatening the Baltic states. Appeasement of Putin is not a great strategy for Harris to applaud.

Events Rising

Details: 5:30 pm, on-line and phone call-in;

A teleconference will be held Tuesday evening. You can participate by signing up at Harris' website. You can also usually listen to the conference call by going to the web site of the service provider, Vekeo.com.

Details: 7 pm, Annapolis Friends Meeting House, 351 Dubois Rd., Annapolis;
The ClimateStewards of Greater Annapolis are hosting a discussion about how pipelines affect communities and how to help the communities on the Eastern Shore resist the 190-mile pipeline proposed to run from Pennsylvania to Virginia.  We will be joined by folks from the No Eastern Shore Pipeline group and from communities in West Virginia and Pennsylvania who have been resisting the construction of natural gas pipelines.

Details: 10 am - 1 pm, Talbot County Senior Center,
400 Brookletts Avenue, Easton;
Midshore Pro Bono will be offering free legal advice on elder law matters. Call to make an appointment at 410-690-8128.

Details: 1 to 3 pm, Talbot County Courthouse, Easton;
Midshore Pro Bono will be offering free legal advice on general civil matters. You need to call to make an appointment at 410-690-8128. For more information, visit www.midshoreprobono.org.

- News and Updates -

Ben Jealous, the Democratic nominee for governor, plans to appear in several face-to-face broadcast election encounters. The big question: whether Gov. Larry Hogan will show up.  Hogan announced plans for two debates. It's not clear if there are any agreed-upon dates.
According to MarylandMatters.org, the Jealous campaign has agreed to participate in debates hosted by NBC4/Telemundo, Maryland Public Television/WBAL (in conjunction with The Baltimore Sun and the University of Baltimore), WJLA/The Washington Post, The Real News Network, and one on Baltimore radio station  WYPR-FM. 


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