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Weekly Newsletter - June 9, 2018

This Week's Action Items

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Come out and burn up the phone lines for candidates we have endorsed:
Michael Pullen for Congress and Ben Jealous for Governor. We will be calling fellow progressives throughout Talbot County on Monday nights, June 11, 18 and 25, from 6-8 pmat 26 West Dover St., Easton. Pizza, phones and training provided.

Take a shift at the Talbot Rising table at Juneteenth, June 16, from 10 am to 3 pm and campaign for Mike Pullen and Ben Jealous.  There will be many other opportunities, such as a Peoples’ Place (nonprofit tables next to Easton Farmer’s Market) and other events.  Contact Connie Lauffer at 443-786-1278 or clriver2002@yahoo.com.  

Events Rising

Details: 1:30 to 4:45 pm, Chesapeake College
Meet the candidates running for the Democratic and Republican nominations for the First Congressional District and hear them discuss the issues of concern to Eastern Shore residents. The Republican candidates will appear at 1:30 pm, followed by the Democratic candidates at 3:15 pm.

Details: 6 pm, St. Michaels Middle/High School, St. Michaels
The NAACP will be hosting a candidate forum for the candidates for the seats of Talbot County Council. Those candidates who have confirmed their attendance are: Naomi Hyman, Keasha Haythe, Lisa Marie Ghezzi, Dominic "Mickey" Terrone and Maurren Scott-Taylor. As other candidates confirm, we will provides updates.

Details: 10 am to 3 pm, Academy Art Museum, Easton
The annual Juneteenth event will feature Carole Boston Weatherford, author;  Dane Miller, spoken word artist; music by DJ ChynaDoll; Sankofa Dance Theater; a family art project, food vendors and more. Co-sponsored by the Frederick Douglass Honor Society.

Monitoring Rep. Andy Harris, #17: Children's Health Funds Whacked

Rep. Andy Harris recently voted with the majority of his Republican colleagues to cut about $15 billion from the budget that Congress passed just a few months ago. The vote, 210-206, is  for HR 3, which is called the Spending Cuts to Unnecessary and Expired Programs Act. But almost 20 GOP representatives opposed the measure because it seemed so mean-spirited.

Guess where most of the money is coming from?
The Children's Health Insurance Plan.
Another couple of hundred million come from fighting Ebola virus, and $150 million from helping farmers battle plant and animal diseases. All in the name of controlling spending and reducing deficits. 

Harris and his colleagues are now worried about budget deficits after voting to approve a $1.5 trillion tax cut for corporations and wealthy families in December. The Congressional Budget Office estimated that this would add at least a trillion dollars to the U.S. debt. And President Trump threatened to veto the U.S. budget bill after complaining about the cost. The bill now goes to the Senate, where even Republican senators have questioned the wisdom of clawing back money from children's health programs. 

- News and Updates -

As the primary election approaches June 26, Talbot Rising is renewing its call for Michael Pullen to be nominated for the First Congressional District. 
Here is our release in support of his candidacy, first released last spring:

EASTON, MD – Talbot Rising, a progressive, nonpartisan grassroots organization for the Eastern Shore, has announced that it is endorsing Democratic candidate Michael Pullen for the First Congressional District in Maryland to replace the incumbent, Rep. Andy Harris.
The organization, which has more than 500 members, said that Pullen will provide the kind of representation in Congress for the First District and Eastern Shore that has been missing in action for too long. We can count on the fact that he will champion the interests of the people in this district -- not special interests, donors, or large corporations.
We know that he will help reform a political system that has been skewed in favor of those already at the top, with tax cuts favoring the wealthy, a rollback of regulations that protect consumers and the environment, and laws that make it harder to get reliable health care. 
Talbot Rising supports the positions advanced by Pullen, including moving toward a single-payer health system, improving educational opportunities for young people, and making sure that the minimum wage is raised so that people can actually afford to live on the Eastern Shore.  Pullen also embraces Talbot Rising’s commitment to help the environment and to promote renewable energy and support for companies and good jobs for residents in that industry.
Michael Pullen would also work with the congressional delegation from Maryland to ensure that budget priorities, including Chesapeake Bay restoration, receive the necessary funding. And he will work in Washington on the issues of climate change, which has made rising sea levels an especially important concern in the First District.
For many years, Pullen has been dedicated to public service, as a lawyer, public defender, and most recently as county attorney for Talbot County.  Out of his concern about the political direction of our country, Pullen and his wife Connie founded Talbot Rising.   In 2016 Pullen was a delegate for Sen. Bernie Sanders at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Talbot Rising has produced a series of video programs taped at the Avalon Theater with MCTV. You can watch these informative exchanges on YouTube. Here's your quick program guide and easy links:
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