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Weekly Newsletter - Aug 21, 2017

Members of Talbot Rising and other groups held rallies in Wye Mills and Oxford last week to send a message against hate and racism. More info below

Members of Talbot Rising and other groups held rallies in Wye Mills and Oxford last week to send a message against hate and racism. More info below


Ask the Talbot County Council to remove The Talbot Boys Confederate statue in front of the County Courthouse. This has been the subject of discussion for many years prior to the violence in Charlottesville, Va., but now is the time to act. Sign this petition to join the movement. 
These same monuments are coming down in Baltimore and Annapolis.  The Governor of Virginia, in the capital of the confederacy, has ordered every confederate statue in that state removed.  It is finally time for Talbot County and the Eastern Shore to do the correct thing and remove this memorial.


At a Rotary meeting in Cambridge earlier this month, Rep. Andy Harris said he continues to support repeal of the Affordable Care Act and its replacement with a Trump administration approach. Let him know that you think there is a better way to deliver needed health care to all Americans. Even though has been Congress out of session, Harris has not held a single town hall. Call his office to tell him where you stand on health care: 410-643-5425.


Make your voice heard by writing a letter to the editor for your local paper.  Progressive Maryland is urging people throughout the state to write letters now about healthcare and submit them to appear in newspapers and other news outlets during the last week of August. The goal is have citizens tell our lawmakers that we need the protections afforded by the Affordable Care Act and that it needs to be funded as provided by law. You can submit a letter of 400 words or less to the Star-Democrat  or Kent County News online.  

Events Rising

Details - 7 pm., Bozman, MD
A work session with committee chairs, co-chairs and the steering committee to share information about upcoming efforts and issues. All are welcome at 23279 Swan Cove Rd., Bozman.

Sept. 8 to Oct.1 - HUMAN TRAFFICKING ARTS EVENT Details: Waterfowl Building, 40 S. Harrison St., Easton
An upcoming event will raise awareness about human trafficking. The event will include indoor and outdoor art exhibits, multi-media installations, lecture, panels and films addressing human exploitation. This exhibit is free to the publicd volunteer-run, so please help!

Details - 10 am to 4 pm, downtown Easton
The Frederick Douglass Honor Society, the Town of Easton and Talbot County Free Library help celebrate of the life and legacy of Talbot County native Frederick Douglass, one of the nation’s most prominent figures in African-American and U.S. history. Enjoy a variety of talks, activities and music. For more information, see www.frederickdouglassday.com or call 410-463-5789 or visit Frederick Douglass Day Facebook Page.

The Star-Democrat covered the gathering as folks from Talbot Rising and Together We Will - Delmarva send a message against hate and racism
outside Chesapeake College on Rt. 50.

- News and Updates -

Members of Talbot Rising and other groups held rallies in Wye Mills and Oxford last week to send a message against hate and racism. The demonstration took place at Chesapeake College, where people held signs and got encouragement from motorists heading into town and farther on to the Eastern Shore beaches. Another gathering was held in Oxford Park. It was entitled Shabbat in the Park: A Worship Service of Community Unity and was organized by Rabbi Peter Hyman and other clergy, as well as Talbot Rising, NAACP and other groups including churches. The program included prayers and song.

The Electoral committee met on Aug. 14, and discussed gearing up voter registration efforts for the fall, as well as working out ways to do registration at Chesapeake College. In addition, there may be some opportunities to register high school students as they turn 16. And the committee is planning to do voter outreach during the Frederick Douglass Day event in Easton.

The school board is refusing to honor the contract negotiated three years ago with the education staff, denying an agreed-upon cost-of-living increase and restricting previously approved partner benefits. They aren't keeping their word, even though these hard-working men and women keep their word every day, working more hours than they are contracted for, spending their own money on educational resources and school supplies, supporting our students in the classroom and around the community. 
Here is information on how you can contact education board members and express support the teachers and staff: www.tcps.k12.md.us/index.php/board-ed/board-members 
Or just cut and paste their emails: mgarman@tcps.k12.md.usskleppinger@tcps.k12.md.usosampson@tcps.k12.md.usjhopkins@tcps.k12.md.usshayward@tcps.k12.md.ussdbotkin@tcps.k12.md.us
There will be a public meeting next month to discuss the contracts, but it would help in advance to show support for the teachers and education staff 's efforts.


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