Talbot Rising

Organizational Structure


We encourage everyone who shares our mission to join us and become active in a grassroots organization. Click here to get on our email list. To work on any of our standing committees contact one or more of the following coordinators about meetings and events, or contact Talbot Rising at talbot.rising@gmail.com

Support Committees:
Admin - Sandy Coyman (Co-chair), Bob Day, Denice Lombard, Ridgely Ochs (Co-chair), Bob Tiernan - denicelombard@comcast.net
Media - Denice Lombard - denicelombard@comcast.net
Community Outreach - Harvey Zendt - hzendt@yahoo.com 

Issues Committees:
ACA/Healthcare - Bob Day - robertday44@gmail.com
Education - Beth Williams - wethbilliams@gmail.com
Environment - Grace Soltis - nikitasweeta@msn.com
Immigration - Connie Pullen - cwpesps@yahoo.com
Social, Racial and Economic Justice - Sheryl Southwick - sherylartist@gmail.com, Tom Goyens - txgoyens@gmail.com
Electoral - denicelombard@comcast.net

Newsletter - Send newsletter items to rtiernan@gmail.com.

*If you are interested in forming a new Committee reach out to Denice Lombard at denicelombard@comcast.net.