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Special Election Alert!

The Maryland primary is just around the corner on Tuesday, June 26; early voting is June 14 to 21. NOW is the time progressive candidates need extra help. Here's what you can do. . . 

Each day brings news of more lies, new damage to our principles/institutions, havoc heaped on our consumer/environmental protections and yet another school massacre. 
Our congressman’s solution: extend concealed carry provisions and tax cuts for the top 1%. It’s said that Americans only get active when the couch catches fire--it’s now fully engulfed.

  The couch is fully engulfed. Time to get into action!

The couch is fully engulfed. Time to get into action!

News reports tell us a ‘blue wave’ is on the way. Without our action, the ‘wave’ will be a ripple and the downward spiral will accelerate. You’re ready to stand up to President Trump, Rep. Andy Harris, and the others of their ilk, but what can you do? 

The primary is around the corner (Tuesday, June 26; early voting is June 14 to 21), NOW is the time progressive candidates need extra help to make sure our voices shape laws in Washington, Annapolis and here at home. Success in Alabama, Virginia and Pennsylvania shows that we can win in the reddest states and districts—America’s youth have mobilized, so it’s time to get off the couch!

Talbot Rising gives you below the tools to power the blue wave to make it the tsunami we need:

1. Phone bank to Get Out The Vote for Jealous and Pullen! —Step outside your comfort zone!  Sign up for the Talbot Rising Monday night phone banking parties (June 11, 18 and 25 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the Democratic Party Headquarters, 26 West Dover Street, Easton.  (After phone duty, we’ll celebrate with refreshments). If you want an early start, the Pullen campaign will be doing phone banking on June 6-7, from 6 to 8 pm at Democratic HQ.

2. Canvas some neighborhoods!  Burn some shoe leather or rubber to Get Out The Vote for Mike and Ben.  Call their campaigns for dates and times: Pullen campaign – call Justin Butler at 410-829-6435 or justin@pullenfor.us. Jealous campaign – call Kaitlynn Sumpter at  240-529-9166 or kaitlynn@benjealous.com.  

REAL FACT:  The Brookings Institute in its seminal getting out the vote study, cites interpersonal communication as the most effective technique for getting out the vote and influencing a potential voter.[1]The study found canvassing and volunteer phone banking to be the most effective organized methods to get voters to the polls and then vote for a candidate. 

3. Buttons, signs, bumper stickers, and literature—Go to the Talbot County Democratic Party Headquarters (26 W. Dover St. in Easton) and pick up yard signs, buttons, bumper stickers, and candidates’ flyers. Display them. Name recognition is a key element in local elections.  Post yard signs along roads where the county won’t mow and remove them.

Also, it’s especially important to bring up the primary candidates with your friends and neighbors. Again, the Brookings study found that direct personal contact works!

4. Campaign from a Talbot Rising table.  Take a shift at the Talbot Rising table at Juneteenth, June 16 from 10:00 to 3:00 pm and campaign for Pullen and Jealous.  There will by many other opportunities such as a Peoples’ Place (nonprofit tables next to Easton Farmer’s Market) and other events.  Contact Connie Lauffer at 443-786-1278 or clriver2002@yahoo.com.  

5. Voter Registration—Talbot Rising posts volunteers to get new voters registered. Contact David King (dking.dc@gmail.com).Voter participation in the US is abysmal. When people show up in numbers, PROGRESSIVE CANDIDATES WIN, so help us build the wave with a reservoir of new voters.   (Registration closes for the primary June 5 so this will be registration to vote in the General Election.)

Build on the momentum from Alabama, Virginia, and Pennsylvania—Now is the time to act by getting involved; showing your support; speaking up with friends, neighbors and even strangers; and most of all voting!

  Turn the tide, power the BLUE WAVE!   They will appreciate what you do!

Turn the tide, power the BLUE WAVE! They will appreciate what you do!

[1]Donald P. Green, Alan S. Gerber; Get Out the Vote How to increase Voter Turnout; 2nd.Edition; Brookings Institution Press; Washington, D.C.



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